About Us

We may not even think about it, but we use rubber products a lot more frequently than we could even imagine. Today, the rubber industry has raised to become one of the significant fields of industries. It deals with the production of the following:

  • kitchen appliances of all sorts or their parts 
  • toys
  • sports equipment
  • parts of machines
  • cosmetics
  • home products
  • decoration products

This is why, if you are thinking about either getting into producing rubber or cooperate with some of the major producers, we are here for you. Corporations and businesses which deal with the production or deal with the wholesale selling of these products, our website is there for them too.

Our website provides up-to-date and reliable information about all companies which deal with the production of various sorts of rubber products. We also have a comprehensive list of all the businesses which act as the primary or exclusive sellers of rubber products.

Our website is designed to bring together business people in the hope of being the base of numerous successful cooperation. On top of it all, it also provides comprehensive information on rubber, its origins, and today’s types of synthetic rubbers, their ingredients and phases of production. You will also get to learn about all the ways the industry is trying to become more sustainable. You will also find out about all the economical ways industries are devising to produce synthetic rubber in more environmentally friendly ways. 

If you are serious about selling rubber products, let our website become the lighthouse to guide you. We are the very first place to visit for information.