About Us

All India Rubber is one of the leading industries association in India. practiced in 1945, over the course of half a century the Association has looked after and taken care of the interests of the Indian Rubber Industry. The AIRIA covers both machinery and auto tyres under its umbrella. With over 1200 members united to it spanning across the nation, the institute is working tirelessly to improve the global competitiveness of the Indian rubber industry.

We created All India Rubber so that members, non-members, and the interested party can be aware of all its updates. Headquartered in Mumbai and with regional offices in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, the association serves the rubber and allied industries. We, at All India Rubber, help the AIRIA in its aim to scientific and technological advancement in the field. Just like the all India association, every member of this website is dedicated to making and marketing world-class rubber. Our goal is to bring to the market and the awareness of users innovative materials and new methodologies.

With fairness and integrity, we provide all customers with value-added service. We are the reliable and excellent source of all information and knowledge related to the rubber and allied research. From trained human resources to where to source raw material from, the website covers a length and breadth of topic. The future objective of the site is to become the go-to name connected to rubber and all related technology for all invested parties.