Why are natural rubber latex products preferred?

Image Showing Rubber Latex Product

Desirable for a variety of applications

One of the main properties of natural rubber latex is its excellent stretch and recovery properties. Products made from natural rubber are stretchy and have excellent elongation, are resistant to wear and tear and recover well. This is why natural rubber tubing finds use in the orthodontic industry where it is used as bands or slingshot designs. The unique stretch and recovery properties of natural rubber latex sheeting have also proven useful in a variety of industries,

Dentists use natural rubber as a dental dam, and a lot of baking accessories are made of natural rubber so that the dough doesn’t stick to cutters and other containers. If you are creating a product design that requires use of a stretchy material that is highly resilient you can opt for natural rubber latex. There are very few alternate materials that have properties similar to that of natural rubber latex.

Image Showing Rubber Latex Extracting From the tree

A sustainable renewable resource

Natural rubber latex is eco friendly and also biodegradable – another reason to make it desirable.
They qualify as biodegradable because the liquid latex, which is used to make the product is naturally taken from the Rubber Tree. Natural rubber latex is a sustainable renewable resource as the tree is not damaged in the tapping process, which is the process of extracting the latex. The tree will continue to produce latex hence it is a renewable source.

About the Rubber tree

The Olmec, Maya snd Aztec were the first ones to use latex to waterproof clothes as they had already discovered the rubber tree and the fact that it could produce latex. The tree is actually native to the rain forests of Amazon belonging to the regions of South America including countries like Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.These trees were cloned and moved to other parts of the world like Western Africa and Southeast Asia.

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