Things made of rubber around you

Image Showing Rubber Dailybase Products - Handbag and Slipper

Home and healthcare

Can you imagine a life without rubber? Just look around where ever you are.. The laptop you are looking at, the floor mat in your room, the chair you are sitting on, rubber finds its way into almost everything. It is such a versatile product that it has become a must-have in every home. Other household products made of rubber are rain coats, gum boots, furniture, hand gloves, toys, garden hose, tyres, footwear, table mats, wrist bands, bushes under chairs, water pipes, hot water bags, water resistant bed spreads, waterproof bags, door stoppers and many more. It is not easy to dispose of rubber so you can also resort to recycling it. There are so many more uses of rubber, especially when it is recycled. Many creative and imaginative ways of recycling rubber often finds its way into contemporary homes. Seating arrangements, storage or even just the decor can be whisked around a bit by using recycled rubber.

Even in healthcare, rubber is an integral part of all medical and surgical supplies. It is used in surgical tubing and surgical gloves. Nitril and Neoprene are brands of synthetic rubbers that are used in medical facilities. They are used to make birth control devices and prosthetics. Some other products that are made with synthetic rubbers are corks used in lab flasks and vials, mats and pads which are chemical resistant and specialised equipment.

Image Showing Rubber Band Usage

At School and Office

When you say schools and offices and rubber items what pops up in your mind? Erasers – different kinds? Rubber tipped pencils? rubber bands? What else? Did you know that erasers originated with the discovery that latex could rub out pencil marks. Erasers come in all shapes and sizes are are considered as collectibles too. Some common rubber items found in schools and offices are yoga mats, carpets, rubber stamps, keyboards, glue sticks, hula hoops, mouse pads, wheels of chairs, bicycle tyres, seats on the chairs, duster covers etc. You can in fact just look around you and make a list of all things made of rubber. You will be surprised.

For Fun and Games

Children love their toys and games. And most of the toys and equipments are made of rubber. Many recreational items are made with rubber. Some of the items include basketballs, volley balls, tennis balls, slippers, sandals, rubber ducks, dolls, loom bands, camping gear etc
Rubber flooring is also used in play areas to avoid injury especially where children are likely to fall.

The versatility of rubber lends itself to many uses in various walks of life. It was indeed a great discovery.