A Comprehensive Guide To Rubber Industry Association

Rubber and rubber related products are used at all industries irrespective of its field and raw materials used. India stands as the third largest manufacturers of rubber internationally. The All India Rubber Industry Association (AIRIA) briefs on the demand trends which developed recently and explains the position of India in the global rubber market. The current status of the rubber industry can be evaluated in terms of the consumption and usage of natural and synthetic rubber.

Rubber in Automobile Industry

Rubber or rubber related products definitely secure a place in all automobiles used for transportation and thus the auto industry is greatly dependent on the rubber industry and its products. Reliable sources reveal that over 887 million vehicles were manufactured over a period of ten years till 2016 and India currently has into its account 30 million automobiles surfacing its roads. India is now ranked to be the sixth largest manufacturers of vehicles globally.

Trends in the Rubber Industry

The global market of the manufacturing sector went through an unstable decade where a serious recession brought down demand. Recently, the global market is reaching its zenith and is gradually on its process to reaching good numbers, which boosts its manufacturers greatly.  From absolute recovery for its industrial procedures, to a great pickup in the global market, the latest trend prevailing in the rubber industry shoots high upwards indicating gradual and steady growth. These developments are believed to aggregate during the years 2107-2018.

Role of AIRIA

AIRIA works for the betterment of the rubber industries across the country. It helps industries to develop gradually with steady pace and space for improvisation, wherein the rubber industry acts as an appropriate catalyst. The objective behind implementing these advancements in the rubber industry is to facilitate better production and increased trade. An association comprising of various industry leaders is been formed, wherein the thoughts and forecasts on “Vision 2025 of the rubber industry”  are discussed and put into practice for the improvement of the rubber industry.

Few suggestions to the governing body

Rubber manufacturers and traders raised various queries and issues and asked the government to implement certain provisions which are favorable to the growth of rubber industry. Main suggestions include:

  •         To put forth various measures to stimulate the manufacturing sector of the country.
  •         To incorporate the rubber sector with the “Make in India” program which enable selling of native goods to countries and places abroad.

State of Rubber Industry in India

The general outlook of the country’s rubber industry today, follows a steady growth and renders positivity. In the current globalised market, the main objective of all industries is to satisfy its customer’s demands which serve as a one way road to increased profits. The demands and wants of customers are never stable. Planning to meet all shortcomings may seem difficult at the early stages, but many industries have learned this art through their experiences at time turbulences and instability on its industrial sectors. All industries should have efficient skills to be flexible to all demands of its customers and should thus react to them accordingly.