An Overview Of Rubber Industry In India

Rubber production greatly depends on favorable natural conditions. Excessive rain is good for rubber production. In past few years, rubber productions have increased to a large extent, with more than 70,000 tonnes of production. This is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

One of the biggest factors behind the growth of this industry is the growth of the automobile industry. Automobiles make use of rubber in many ways, rubber belts, tyres, etc. Natural rubber production has also seen great growth. Some facts about rubber production in India are:
· It ranks fourth among the top rubber consumers in the world.
· It is the third largest producer.
· It is the largest producer of reclaimed rubber.

India at present is not only catering to the demands of foreign consumers, but also the needs of the country itself. Scientists say that it is hard for this industry to slow down ever. The reason being the wide uses rubber has in other different industries. It is surprising to see how rubber has numerous uses in almost every field, such as manufacturing, construction, fuel, etc.

India is one of the largest producers of rubber because it has excessive rubber plantation area. It has labor and raw materials very easily available. Technical training institutes are another factor boosting this industry. Training institutes provide masses of people trained in rubber production, which is greatly beneficial for the industry. Moreover, change in lifestyle of a common man has led to the favored demand of natural and synthetic rubber.