Various Industrial Rubber Products

When we say industrial rubber products, it refers to various items and objects made of rubber and used by different industries. Rubber is such an indispensable product that finds its use in industrial as well as domestic uses. It is of similar importance that wood and steel have in the modern lives. There are two types of rubber, one is natural and the other is synthetic.

Rubber is known to even a small child that he uses in school purpose. Rubber is used by everyone, and there is no end to its uses. It is used at home, at work, in industries and in many other areas. Automobile, rail, aircraft, almost every industry rely on rubber, to some extent. Some toys that children play from are also made of rubber. Rubber stuffs are easy to handle because they don’t break easily, they can withstand rough uses.

Rubber is made from latex or the sap of various plants, such as the rubber tree. It is yellowish in color and is very elastic. It is an amorphous material. This sap is vulcanized and converted into different material such as elastic bands, tyres, gaskets, hoses and electrical insulation. The scientific name of rubber is Caoutchouc.

Natural rubber is also an important agricultural product which is further utilized in the manufacturing of many different products. Natural rubber is produced from different plant species. These trees grow best with an average rainfall of 2000mm and temperature range of around 20 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Some products manufactured using them are anti-vibration mountings, rubber bands, automobile rubber products, rubber flooring, rubber magnets and rubber adhesives.