Applications Of Natural And Synthetic Rubber

The most common use of industrial rubber is to manufacture seals. Seals serve such a valuable need in our daily lives as it ensures that a bottle is airtight and unused. In the foods and drinks that we consume in our daily lives seals are always present. This itself proves how specifically rubber industry is serving our needs.

Rubber PVC is one of the best products known for coupling purposes. This compound can prevent fungi and harsh chemical impacts from a product. Tyre production is one of the biggest uses in today’s world. With the growth of the automobile industry, it is impossible to see any ends of rubber industry. Furthermore, rubber is resistant to chemicals like gasoline and alkali, which makes it applicable in generators and motors.

Rubber tubes can hold any kind of fluid without any degradation, which makes it favorable for transporting fluid from one place to another. Rubber products are highly flexible, dynamic, and strong. It can be used for both industrial as well as domestic purposes. Some other uses of rubber are gaskets, bushes and plugs. Currently for paving asphalt, ground rubber is being used with great success.

Extruded rubbers are utilized in different industrial applications. Increased tensile strength and durability of these products make it suitable for different uses. They are available in different sizes and shapes that increase its versatility. These are just numbered uses of rubber, and there are many more to explore. Rubber industry is very innovative and very interesting too. One can never get enough of all the rubber products produced in today’s era.