Recycling Of Rubber To Save Resources

Rubber is essentially used all over the world to meet different demands of people. It has become so necessary that even some western countries have reached the saturation point of rubber uses. Keeping in mind its uses and versatility rubber recycling is done nowadays. It is highly trending and very good for our environment too. Reclaimed rubber is the best way to utilize resources.

Rubber is generally found in two forms, natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is obtained from plant sap whereas synthetic rubber is made from polymerization. Recycling of rubber holds great significance in the rubber industries. Many industries have already realized its importance and have started manufacturing recycled rubber for domestic as well as global market.

India accounts for some of the major rubber suppliers all across the world. Our country is acknowledged as one of the major exporters of recycled rubber to different countries all over the globe. There are many rubber factories in India, but not all are the same way convenient in terms of production, quantity, price and supply. Recycled rubber is much cheaper than natural synthetic rubber.

Moreover, less energy is consumed while making recycled rubber, than that required while producing the synthetic one. Making reclaimed rubber utilizes some waste rubber, treated under high pressure and heat.

Variants of reclaimed rubber can be used for various purposes. Rubber is used to manufacture different kinds of building supplies also. In these cases, reclaimed rubber is mixed with concrete to form building materials. Such building materials have great sound absorption technology and great insulation property.