Pests and Diseases of the Rubber Tree

Rubber TreeRubber trees are well known for their silky evergreen foliage. It is also referred as Ficus Elastica. It serves as outdoor ornamentals and houseplants in frost free environment. They are large when grows in the wild. It responds to pruning. If you wish, you can maintain tree in small size by trimming regularly. It should be properly taken care to avoid from diseases or pests. If you fail to leave the tree in dark conditions or weaken by over watering, it has chances to get affected by various illnesses. Top pest control information websites like Pest Control Plus, Pestcontrol. housejoy and Hicare offer bests ideas and tops to solve pest issues common in the rubber industry. But certain companies like offer treatment for home and office rodents, pests and termites. They do not deal with rubber industry pest issues.

Here in this blog, let us discuss the pest issues faced by the rubber industries.

Southern Blight:
SclerotiumRolfsii is the fungus that causes southern blight. It is a simple preventable moisture associated infection. It is mostly seen in rubber trees especially in summer months. Some of the early symptoms of fungus include yellow or reddish spots on the subordinate leaves. It is seen mostly in plants that are overwatered or regularly misted. When the infection develops, you will see bunch of cotton fungi and hard brown lumps around the basement of stems. It will slowly spread from stems to the leaves. It is hard to treat as it is a devastating infection. The best option is prevention of fungus. When you are repotting rubber trees, you need to use sterilized potting medium. It should be water cautiously during growing season. Ensure to maintain the leaves dry.

Crown Gall:
Crown GallThe stems and roots of rubber trees get affected by a bacterial infection called crown gall. Agrobacterium tume faciens is the bacteria that causes this infection. It is characterized by enflamed areasaround the stems. It can cause huge disfiguring multitudes to appear. These conditions are dangerous to the plant. Due to this condition, the roots get affected. It inhibits from absorbing moisture and nutrients. Unluckily, there is no cure for crown gall. If the plants get infected, it has to be immediately destroyed to avoid bacterium spread.

Xanthomonas Leaf Spot:
It is one of the highly common diseases seen in rubber trees. Xanthomonas leaf spot is caused due to a bacteria named Xanthomonascampestris. When it affects the rubber tree, you can see small oozing spots appearing around the leaves. It makes the leaves turn yellow and die. At the start, it grows and surrounded by yellow discolorations. It gets spread along the leaf veins. If you apply copper-based bactericides early, you can prevent the infection from scattering. It should not be overused since it has chances to affect the healthy tissue. Some of the best ways to preventXanthomonas leaf spot- avoid excessive watering and use fertilizer sparingly.

MealybugsSmall waxy white insects that colonize basements of rubber tree leaves is referred as mealybugs. Some early symptoms of mealybug infestation include dry looking or droopy leaves and presence of cotton like multitudes on the basement of leaves and along leaf attachment areas. It is difficult to remove the mealybugsmanually and it is not an effective option. It is best to spray water and alcohol solution on the affected parts. It helps to reduce the infestation severity.

Tiny winged insects referred as thrips easily attack the rubber trees. Certain growers of rubber trees remain unaffected to thrip infestations. Ficus houseplants are more commonly available and remain susceptible. Some early signs include silvery gray blemishing behind the leaves where nourishing has occurred. It makes the infested leaves to coil and drop. You can use commercially available insecticide to prevent and control thrip infestation.

Corynespora leaf fall:
Corynespora leaf fallThe rubber tree is exposed to numerous diseases and pests like other agricultural crops. In 1900, the first disease on rubber tree was detected. Since then, about one hundred maladies and diseases were reported all over the world. There are several tools present to diagnose, treat and prevent the diseases and pests. Tools are available for breeders, extension and academic officers and plant protectionists.

Corynespora leaf fall is the most dangerous disease among various maladies. At present, Corynespora leaf fall condition is seen in majority of rubber growing countries like Africa and Asia. Recently, Myanmar has reported about this condition. Majority of the exceptional clones in the world have chances to get affected by now. One of the famous clones in Africa is IRCA 18. It is the latest clone that has been affected.

Breeding for resistance:
Ensure to know the symptoms so that you can spot the condition as early as possible. When you detect the condition early, you can control and manage this deadly disease to a certain extent. It is important to remain responsive for disease surveillance maneuvers. During the breeding programme, give importance for Corynespora resistance. Ensure to release only the fighting clones to stakeholders.

Other new diseases that have been spreading:
Papaya mealy bag: It is also referred as Paracocusmarginatus. It is the recent insect attack that is spread during a rare heavy dry spell.
Target leaf spot: It is referred as Thanatephoruscucumeris. It is a fungal disease.
Sclerotium collar rot: It is referred as Sclerotiumrolfsii. It is a nursery disease.
Sudden witt and foot Canker: It is also referred as Nattrassiamangiferae.

What are the Advantages of ERP?

erp systemIf you have planned to implement ERP in your rubber industry, you have to research well about the system. People who have purchased ERP have found that it is beneficial for their business. Most people ask this question how ERP can remain better than the present software.

Although there are numerous articles explaining the benefits of ERP, here explaining seven benefits that are unknown. Cloud Solutions helps to improve industrial management, All India Rubber Industry avails ERP training from Salesforcetraining institute.

Business Security: As the business information moves forward, it has chances to get into the hands of wrong people. They may cause serious damage to your information. ERP system will allow to access only certain people. The users will be given id and password. No person without id or password cannot access sensitive data. It remains private and secure.

Community knowledge:Most new users find hard to know about the system. If they are using the ERP systems for first time, they could not access the system just like that. It occurs in companies that have implemented wrong or complex ERP system. Their voices remain louder than people who are successfully and happy using ERP system in everyday life.

erp system ManagementIf your business is connected to the internet, you will not find much difficulty in learning the ERP system or gain information. You would not worry about hitting the road while using ERP. You could see wealth of knowledge easily found on the internet. The majority of ERP systems holds user groups. As a member of the group, you can ask questions, find answers for your issues and even interact with other members. Several times, you would see someone just like you facing the same issue and other users will come forward to help.

Better business decisions:
Some people use numerous business solutions rather than all in one ERP system. It results in gaining of information from various sources. You will not be sure where you have acquired accurate data. It becomes hard to analyze. There are chances of gathering inaccurate data. When you use ERP system, you can get concurrent data that can be used in your business. It is beneficial for forecasting future decisions and accessing year to year comparisons easily.

Streamline processes:
If you are finding your employees not using ERP, it means they are doing several day to day tasks manually. They may be using spreadsheets to do their everyday task. It costs money and remains inefficient. They do not know the value of ERP. ERP systems automate several tasks for your employees. You can spend more time on important tasks rather than focusing on small tasks. The day to day tasks will be automatically performed by the ERP. Majority of ERP systems are prepared with regulation knowledge ensure that the employees are obeying with all regulations. It helps in covering product traceability, taxes, data security and financial security.

Mobile accessibility:
Mobile accessibilityNowadays, ERP technology is shifting to mobile. It performs just like other business and software markets aids. It helps the users to view and access confidential from any part of the world from their mobile phones. No problem, if you are stuck in another city or country, you can use your mobile phone and see the status. If you are using several business intelligence software, you can switch the entire software into single ERP system. You can have all the information in single place with the help of ERP. You do not have manage or install multiple apps.

Numerous options to choose from:
When it comes to ERP systems, you have numerous options. You have to see whether it caters your business requirements. Some of the big vendors like Epicor or Sage or smaller businesses make sure you are buying a customized ERP system modified as per your requirements.

These are major benefits you need to know if you are planning to purchase or implement ERP system in your business.

Tips to Choose ERP System for Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing Company

One of the difficult tasks of integrating new ERP system is finding out where and how to start. Every vendor will say that their rubber and plastic ERP system is best. How do you know that it a best software for sure? How can you trust them? You need to consider the following ideas while choosing a plastic and rubber manufacturing ERP system. It helps to decide whether ERP is right for your business.

Manufacturing mode:
You need to find out what kind of manufacturing mode you are using. It could be mixed, process or discrete mode. Remember, not all the ERP can work best in each mode. For instance, if you are a discrete industrialist, your plastic and rubber manufacturing ERP should aid to keep expenses down and improve quality. The ERP should offer lot traceability, formulas, process batch control and recipes if you are a process manufacturer. When it comes to mixed mode, it should offer combination of both manufacturing kinds. You have to select a system that handles your manufacturing type. If you do not, it is hard to get the best result out of ERP.

Several plastic and rubber ERP systems are made exclusively for the industry. However, it has chances to holdup on financial side. You have to check whether the ERP system performs best in both areas. It should have accounts receivable, multi-company capabilities, general ledger and ability to assimilate with third party tools.

Tips To Select The Best Rubber Manufacturer

rubber manufacturer

Working with any company is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of effort to find a company that suits your demand. Especially finding the best manufacturer with the best price is the most difficult task. Different types of manufacturers are there in the market. You must first decide what the type of product you need is, and accordingly you must deal with the companies.

Try to maintain a network wherein you can get all the information necessary about different manufacturers in the market. You can also try the online media to gather information about different manufacturers. Visit different websites and forums to get information about the people in this field. You will come to know a lot of things that can be helpful to you.

rubber manufactureIf still you are not able to find the best manufacturers, try to filter your search. Precise it by deciding the type of compounds you need to use for manufacturing. Decide the place of supply, which is convenient for you and many more factors precisely. When you are able to link up with few of the manufacturers, try to build a good relation with them. In this way, you will be able to do a good dealing. Once you both settle down with mutual demands, proceed further.

Even if you are not dealing finally for the purpose, you will at least be in contact with each other and come to purpose in the future. There are many manufacturers in the field, and you just need to be more determined about searching the best one for yourself.

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